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There are some formal and informal rules for users of this site. Abusing these rules will make you unpopular and annoy people, and eventually result in you being deregistered and if necessary barred from access. We are a relaxed crowd but you need to be reasonable - this community has to work together.

  1. You can criticise ideas and content but not people. Most of them are volunteers doing their best. No personal attacks, no flaming.
  2. Criticise nicely. For CoPr to be representaive of consensus, we need as broad a range of opinions as possible and we want people to participate more than once. it is easy for any comment to sound harsh when it is online with no tone, facial expressions or body language, so be gentle.
  3. The site is not perfect and the content is not perfect. They never will be. That is what Core Practice is all about. Get over it. The question is whether the site and content are useful and safe. So bear that in mind when commenting or contributing.
  4. Please give back. The content is free. If you have something to contribute in return, please do so.
  5. Honour the license. Violation of the terms of the license will result in us pursuing remedies under the law anywhere in the world. (It may also result in a large community telling you what they think of you but that is of course beyond our control). Be aware that under the terms of the license, any changes or additions you make must be available under the same terms, so we can copy them back into Core Practice.
  6. No hawking. The Institute derives income from advertising: pay for it.
  7. This is a community website but it is not a social website. Please restrict postings to the subjects of Core Practice and the Institute. There are other sites that encourage the social side of our community (see Links).
  8. By submitting content (posting anything to the site) you consent unconditionally to that content being distributed as Core Practice under the GNU Free Documentation License .
  9. Please ensure that you have the right to all materials that you submit. Respect other copyrights.
  10. This documentation is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the licensefor more details.

The formal Terms and Conditions of this website, that you agree to by using this website, are here

This page is part of a set of pages: "Guide to the IoCP website: corepractice.org"
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